#GivingTuesday at the Adaptive Design Association

4 Dec

T.R. Threston - Travel Writer and Historical Fiction Writer

#GivingTuesday at the Adaptive Design Association

The Adaptive Design Association (ADA) started 15 years ago in New York City with our founder, Alex Truesdell, and a clear mission—to make sure that every child with a disability receives the custom equipment required to make school work more inclusive and rewarding, play time more fun, social networks wider, and perceived differences negligible. Nine-year-old Max’s wheelchair, for example, is burdensome in the school lunchroom. It doesn’t fit at the side or end of the cafeteria table, and if it did, his elbows would still be four inches below the tabletop. So Max eats lunch at a low table in the corner of the cafeteria, isolated from his classmates. Until a custom-made seat built by ADA that slips over the bench at any…Read More


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