You ain’t got no class

3 Jan

Being “trapped” last night and probably this morning due to the major snow event last night (Jan 2 2014) in NYC, I spent a good part of the evening catching up on Facebook posts and other social media.   And, it only led me to believe that my last blog post on December 17th was absolutely correct – the more self-centered people are on social media, the less interesting they become and in fact shows utter lack of class on their part.

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I’m not dumb enough to slander anyone by naming names, but, there are a few people out there who simply don’t understand that posting certain information or photos just isn’t right.  By posting a photo giving the finger or calling someone names or to continually write about how fabulous you are is a total turn-off and this applies to both men and women.  And, frankly, I “unfriended” and stopped “following” at least a dozen people on Facebook last night.  A few remain on the borderline and we’ll see how it goes.  In all instances the people I dropped were not friends, not even Facebook friends — in the sense that they never commented or tried to contact me or in any way offer any type of interest in what was going on other than in their own very small worlds and minds.

Granted this is no loss.  Certainly not to me, but, I find it amazing how people friend and follow people of this nature.  Perhaps they “ain’t got no class” themselves and perhaps this does classify me as a snob, but, I’d much rather be a snob with manners, who knows their place, and, who can discuss things and issues other than myself than to be a self-centered, small minded… Idiot.  Sorry that’s harsh but it is the only word that fits.  And, I realize that my writing this blog entry may cause a backlash again me, but, the difference is I know that it is a real possibility and the other difference is that I realize you are entitled to your own opinion (just as I am entitled to mine.)  The people I am referring to in this entry will think their opinions are the only right opinions and will never see or understand the difference I am trying to get across or why I dropped them as Facebook “friends”.

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