Almost Easter

15 Apr

When I was little I could never understand how people could say things like “the year is just flying by” but now that I’m an adult, I really do understand what is meant and have even pondered why time moves faster as an adult.  It’s by far a too vast concept for my pea-brain and I’m sure if you’re reading my blog (and by the way thank you for doing so) you probably want something more interesting to read than my thoughts on the space time continuum 😀  So let’s hop to it and get to my usual mindless blogging!

(Yes that pun was intentional if you happened to catch it.)

Easter is rapidly approaching and after much debate and getting work schedules coordinated.  Gary and I plan to return to Paris the last week of May.  We’re just debating if we want to include Labor Day as part of the vacation or as an extra day to get over jet lag.  As you may recall my last blog entry was on this very topic.

I am very excited and cannot wait!  There was so much we didn’t get to see and do the last time since we were abruptly called home, and, what better time than Spring to visit.  I’ll blog more later this week…  Our Chinese food is here and I’m starving!  More to come, I promise!

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