More snow, good day to hibernate

5 Mar

The winter of 2015 has turned out to be a snowy one.  Granted, NYC is no where near what Boston has suffered through, but, it’s still maddening to look out the window, and, once again see snow.  I don’t know what it is about snowy days, but, I always want to curl up, under a blanket and just veg.  And this isn’t anything new for me, even as a kid, I’d rather build a tent or a fort and cozy up in it than go out with the other kids and play in the snow.  Anyhow that’s why I am working from home today.

Then again, I’m not exactly working, instead I am blogging and looking at cruises from New York to the Caribbean.  Yes, I admit that this winter has gotten to be me badly, but, I am disappointed with the choices of ships during the winter months in NYC.  I don’t like Norwegian or Royal Caribbean, and, Cunard has their ships off on world cruises.  Why can’t we get a decent cruise line in the NYC area on a full time basis.  Oh how I would love to see Princess or Holland America here for the full year instead of every once in a while…

Sure, we could fly to Florida or Puerto Rico for a cruise, but, the whole point is that you never know what the winter will bring and there is no guarantee the day of the flight to get to Puerto Rico or Florida the good weather gods will smile upon you with kindness.  No, after all the miles I’ve logged in my lifetime on airplanes, I know all too well not to count on anything, especially in the winter.

So, in the meantime, I continue to check out the cruises that are available, and, I am trying to pick out the lesser of the evils.  I hate being nickled and dimed to death like NCL does to its passengers.  And, I cannot stand the idiocy of Royal Caribbean with their gimmicks that appeal to middle America.  Carnival.  Well.  Thanks but no thank you.  Am I a snob?  You better believe it.

I have no desire to spend vacation time watching fat bellied men doing belly flops in pools, nor do I have any desire to watch “Broadway STYLE” shows – the key here is that the shows are Broadway style, and, not Broadway productions; and, I certainly do not want to attempt to swim in a pool with dozens of rude teenagers and their parents who are in denial who always use the excuse “not my kid.”  Well, if it isn’t your kid you better have a paternity test because the kid looks exactly like you!

Which brings me back to the same question.  Why doesn’t Princess or Holland America have a ship in NYC full time?  There are plenty of people in the NYC area that feel the exact same way I do, and, I’m positive the NYC would be a profitable choice.  Alas, I have no say in the matter.  Cruise lines never listen to one person, they’d much rather check what people on large networks that discuss cruising day and night have to say.  And, the problem there is they only represent a small portion of the overall amount of people who cruise.

So in the off chance someone with any type of authority at Princess or Holland America happens to see this post please know I’m in the wings awaiting a miracle that you’ll bring a decent ship to NYC full time.

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