All good things come to an end: Downton Abbey ending after Season 6

26 Mar

No, I wish I was kidding but, it’s unfortunately true.  Downton Abbey will end after Season 6.  In all honesty, when Maggie Smith made the announcement she wouldn’t return after Season 6, I thought perhaps it might be the show’s final season — especially after the grumblings about ending the program after Season 5.  However, it’s no less depressing knowing that one of my favorite shows ever will no longer be something to look forward to on Sunday evenings.

This also reduces my television viewing to Project Runway (and it’s various off shoots like Project Runway All Stars) and a handful of cooking and PBS shows I watch. Sigh.

I miss the good old days when there were so many good shows to watch, you didn’t know how to pick just one.  Remember those days when shows like Full House and Family Matters were in prime time?

And, now we wait. Months and months. It also gives us far too much time to contemplate what’s going to happen with our favorite Downton characters.  Will Daisy leave Downton to go live with her Father-in-law and make something of herself besides an assistant cook or will there be a surprise like Alfred coming back to marry her?  Maybe Daisy will team with Patmore and they’ll do something together.  Or will Mrs. Patmore will enjoy retirement in her new cottage?  Will Tom really leave Downton for Boston?  Will Mary ever stop being so obnoxious to Edith?  Will Edith ever catch a break and find some type of happiness with a man?  And what about Ana and Mr. Bates?  Will they both be cleared of murder?  And what of Mr. Mosley and Ms. Baxter?  Are they finally going to bring their relationship into the open and declare their love?  And, how about dear Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson, we will actually get so see their wedding?  What about Mrs. Crawley?  Will it be Dr. Clarkson or Lord Merton or will Isobel decide to stay a widow and continue to be friend and companion to Granny?  What are the fates of Lord and Lady Grantham? Will Downton survive??

We’ll just have to see what Julian Fellows’ brilliant mind has in store for all of us.

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