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Thanksgiving 2017

7 Nov

I know, I know… I haven’t blogged in ages but like most people, life got in the way.  Anyhow, I am currently getting ready to host my third Thanksgiving ever, and, it is nerve wracking to say the least.  I am cooking for 26 people including my parents, brothers, in-laws and various friends and extended family.

It’s almost like planning a mini wedding. Not only am I going to be cooking but I am arranging hotels, things to do and making an effort to have a schedule and keep to it.  Additionally there are decorations to be placed around the house and then there is that pesky thing known as every day life  😀

And no this isn’t a complaint! On the contrary, I am loving this opportunity to bring all the people I love together!  I just had the need to write today and this seemed like the best place to post.

I promise to start blogging again on a regular basis again so check back soon!




Surviving The Holidays

6 Dec

Somehow, and, I’m still scratching my head, I pulled off Thanksgiving.  My parents were happy.  Gary’s parents were happy.  Brothers, sisters, extended family and friends were all happy.  Go figure!  I thought my hosting Thanksgiving this year would turn into one of those stories of family legend.  I already had it playing out in my mind… “Remember the Thanksgiving when Rose almost burnt the house down” or “Remember the Thanksgiving Rose gave us all food poisoning!”  LOL  It’s amazing how we build things up in our minds and imagine the worst outcomes possible… To say I am happy and relieved is the understatement of the day!!  Fortunately, next year rotates back to my Mom so I’m off the hook for another 3 years 😀

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by

And, now… The real work of the holidays begin.  We already have the tree up.  That’s one thing down and off the check list.  BUT….  I really haven’t started my serious Christmas shopping yet.  And, I am dreading it.  It’s funny how we (as a society) always joke about the holidays and shopping, but, there is more than a grain of truth to it all.  People pushing and shoving — even taking items right out from underneath you;  standing in long, long, long lines and it seems like EVERY single person ahead of you has some issue that takes 30 minutes to resolve.  It’s NOT fun.

So in just a short while, Gary and I will put on our brave faces, head out into the nippy winter air, and, fight the crowds that are everywhere this time of year in New York City, and, go Christmas shopping… Wish me luck!!

The “coziness” of November

8 Nov

I don’t know what it is about November, especially this type of day — it’s cold, rainy and overcast in New York City, but, it gives me a very cozy feeling.  I realize this is a selfish statement on so many levels when there are people living on the streets facing these elements, but, it’s just my personal reaction of the month and type of day.  It’s the type of day where I bake cookies, make a good hearty stew for dinner, and, work from home.  And, again, I realize how lucky I am that I have a job that affords me the luxury of being able to work from home as I wish.

On another note the Rockefeller Center tree arrived today.  It’s like it is the unofficial signal that the holidays are almost upon us, and, I am beginning to get into panic mode since I am hosting Thanksgiving this year for both my family and Gary’s family.  Now over all, I don’t consider myself a bad cook, but, I am no gourmet.  I can make hamburgers, some chicken dishes, and, even a halfway decent pasta sauce.  Making a turkey and an entire Thanksgiving dinner has me a bit jittery.  And, unfortunately (or maybe it is fortunately) both my family and Gary’s family will never say that it is bad.  What the telltale will be is how much food is left over.  If there is a lot — I know it was awful.  If there isn’t much or anything at all left over that’s when I know I did the job right!

For now I will simply pour myself a glass of milk and enjoy a cookie or two or three or four 😀  And worry about Thanksgiving tomorrow when we start grocery shopping for everything we need.

Call Me Weird…

19 May

Every once in a while I love a good rainy weekend.  It’s a good excuse to stay home and do absolutely nothing or go see a movie or two, and, that’s what Gary (my husband) and I did this weekend.  We went to the movies.

What did we see?  The new Star Trek movie.  Call me weird, but, I just can’t get into chris pinethis new version of the younger “original” crew.  Oh sure, I admit it that Chris Pine is one nice piece of eye candy, and, he certainly makes the movie go by faster, but, there is just something about him playing Captain Kirk.  To me, Captain Kirk will always be William Shatner, and,  I know I don’t stand alone in this opinion.

That aside, Star Trek Into Darkness, is absolutely worth your time and money.  Go see it.  Even if you’re not a huge Star Trek fan (like me) this movie is still very worth while.  It’s action packed and a few good quips in the movie make it very enjoyable.

Gary and I also saw The Great Gatsby this weekend with my friend Elena and gatsbyher husband Paul.  Unfortunately this movie wasn’t good.  It was boring and I am a big Leo DiCaprio fan.  The book is far better and the movie does not do the book or the cast justice.  So my advice to you — if you’re debating betweeen these two movies and which to go see – hands down – go see Star Trek

And, I can almost hear my brother cackling with delight that I am actually recommending a Star Trek movie.  And, I concede in the particular instance he’d have every right 🙂


How YOU doin’?

23 Sep

Today Gary and I had a wonderful brunch with his parents, and, as we talked about this and that we all got a laugh out of the famous New York accent.  I’m a Chicago suburbs girl, I don’t think I’ll ever learn the art of a New York accent so I won’t insult your intelligence by trying to attempt one!

But, you have to admit, a New York accent is one of the most distinct anywhere in the world.  You can be in a crowded foreign city, and, without failure you’ll hear someone saying loudly “How YOU doin?”  LOL  And, when you turn to see who is speaking, don’t you always look for the guy that looks like Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino?  I admit it — I do!!


Yes, yes, I know — this is stereo-typing at its best but like it or not we all do it.  Come on, yes you do!

Speaking of “The Situation” — thank God someone finally wised up and pulled “Jersey Shore” off the air.  Do you REALLY know anyone that watched a full episode?  Sure, we all tuned in — for about five minutes to see what the fuss was about but, it didn’t take long to figure out it was a bunch of uneducated idiots who happened to have a camera on them.

It actually boggles my mind that I know who “Snooki” and “JWoww” are… Shouldn’t I be using my brain power for something far more intelligent?  And, why should anyone know these people outside of their families and friends?

ESSSH – it’s too scarey to give it much thought!  (Says the bubble headed, former model blonde LOL)

Anyhow, I just thought I’d share this passing moment with you.  And, I apologize for putting those images in your mind now.  I just hope you can sleep tonight and if not — feel free to blame me! 🙂

Almost wedding time… almost

29 Mar

For those of you who think I’ve fallen off the planet, sorry to disappoint you, but, I’m still very much alive and kicking.   I know it’s been months – since December, 2011 to be exact — since I’ve take a few minutes to blog, and, I do ask for your forgiveness if you’ve been a regular reader.   So far most of 2012 has consisted of me stopping modeling and undertaking a new work endeavor (more to be revealed later in the year), and, of course, my all-free-time-consuming wedding.  So that’s where I’ve been.

Don’t be sad about me not modeling anymore, I LOVED every minute of my time being a model and there are so many aspects of modeling that I am going to miss, but, it was time to move on.  My age is beginning to work against me in this ultra youth oriented business, and, I had a wonderful opportunity open up to me in another area of fashion that I just couldn’t let pass me by.

I’m still writing for, as a matter of fact, I just started writing for them again this past week.  I was asked back, so, I must have done something right!  Here’s my page if you’d like to subscribe:  But, I have to admit, it is great to be back writing at

I’ve made another new writing friend, T.R. Threston, and, if you’re into travel then you should subscribe to her column too, she does a wonderful job and has lots of great travel tips:

Now, let’s talk about my all consuming wedding.

It’s funny.  Gary and I started off that we wanted a small wedding — really small.  Close friends and family only.  Well, then it started…

Family members had hurt feelings they weren’t going to be invited and that upped the guest list, then the co-workers started asking about their invitations and the guest list went up again.  Then friends from college, high school, even grade school began coming out of the wood work!  The amazing part is that very few were deterred that the wedding is taking place in New York City and not in Chicago.  Go figure.

So our “small” wedding is now several hundred people — I’m doing my best to keep this from turning into a three ring circus.  I just want the wedding over and my life with Gary to begin.  I know it sounds unromantic, but, for me its about the life after the wedding, and, not just the wedding.

Finally we are at the point that everything is done.  My gown and bridesmaids dresses were ordered and fittings and final fittings are now taking place.  Gary and our groomsmen have all been fitted for tuxedos and they are on order and should be here shortly.  We have our church book, our musicians selected, our receptions venue under deposit with final payment coming up rapidly.  We are ready to walk down the aisle and say I do.

The big day?  Memorial Day Weekend.  Stay tuned for frantic updates from the bride (me).  Because with my luck… Who knows what will go wrong <Grin>

It’s the end of the year? ALREADY?!?

19 Dec

Geez, I hate to sound like an 80 year old, but, where did the time go?  This year absolutely flew by — I can’t believe Christmas is this weekend!!  Fortunately, I’m done shopping, my family is flying to NYC to see and my future hubby, and, the only thing I have to do is get the apartment  “Mom Inspection” clean, and, of course, start cooking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I’m also thrilled that my KIVA team is just $50 of hitting our 2011 goal.  Ok, sure I did aim low this year because I formed the team so late in the year — it was almost July, nonetheless, at least we’re going to make the goal that I set so that is  wonderful all in itself.  It also makes the holiday season matter that much more — for the first time in my life I feel like I’m actually doing something real to help others who just need a helping hand up.  (And, KIVA allows people do just that – it’s a wonderful organization, and, I am proud to be part of it!)  If the giving mood happens to strike you while you’re reading this take a moment to join my team and donate to my team’s goal.  Here is the link:  and hey that’s kind of neat… I just saw that I have 57 “recommends” for Facebook on my Kiva page — thanks for your support guys!!

As far as wedding news…  Well, I had a bit of a heartbreak today… No, no, it isn’t what you’re probably thinking.  Gary and I are still very much “on”.  No, this heartache is all due a wedding venue that I didn’t know was available until today…

It seems that Cunard is now offering weddings at sea… My heart dropped when I read this article this morning:

If I had only known sooner…

And, so with that my dear friends, family, fans and readers, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season, and, may all your dreams come true for you in 2012.  I thank each and everyone of you for being in my life – I love you all!

Happy Holidays!


Why I love Fall in NYC

19 Oct
New York City - Rockefeller Center

Image by myoldpostcards via Flickr

Ok, granted, I haven’t lived in NYC longto really proclaim this statement, but, I do love being in NYC in the Fall.  I can’t explain the mood, but, perhaps “pre-holiday happiness” would be the best way to describe it.

People are a bit friendlier (yes really!)  The leaves are beginning to fall and change, the tourists are really begin to fill the city streets — and believe it or not the department stores are beginning to show the first signs of the holidays to come — the holiday shops are beginning to pop up.

Add in the fact that Rockefeller Center Ice Rink has officially opened (well, ok, they didn’t open as planned due to the weather), but, still it is another sign that the holidays are approaching… (Happy sigh)

That means some of my favorite things will be coming up shortly… Like the annual lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.  And, of course, shopping!!

Most people are shocked to learn that I enjoy shopping for friends and family more than I enjoy shopping for myself.  I can’t explain it… There is just something VERY satisfying about finding the “perfect gift” for my loved ones.  It’s a high that I get the day I shop for it, and, then again when I wrap it, and, then finally the day it is given and opened.

And, then there are the things that really count… Like my Kiva team – we’re already 80% to our set fund raising goal for 2011.  This is a feeling of satisfaction that is actually very selfish — even though what we do is raise mirco-loans for others…  It feels soooo good when we help someone to help themselves… Knowing that we helped changed a life…  It’s just a feeling that is so positive and wonderful — it’s selfish 🙂   I’d like to double or even triple our fund raising goals with my Kiva Team in 2012 –  care to join us?  Here’s the link:


Well, off I go… in the rain (and I’m smiling…)


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