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Heading to Australia, very excited!

12 Mar

It’s with both excitement and sadness I blog today that my husband Gary and I are heading to Australia in a few weeks with our good friend Paul and Elena Harris.  The excitement is due to the fact this is the second time we’ve been invited to Australia, the first time was for their (Paul and Elena’s) wedding, but, unfortunately this trip will not have as happy of an ending as the last.  You see, Elena and Paul are moving back to Australia permanently and, short of Gary getting transferred there, I’m not sure when I’ll see Elena and Paul again.

Elena was my first real friend in New York, and, throughout the years we grew as close as sisters.  And, I know she’s only an instant message away, but, it just isn’t the same as being to see someone on a daily basis.  Of course, I am happy for them.  Elena doesn’t have any family in the United States to speak of, and, Paul’s family are all in Australia, so, I do understand their need and desire to be with them.  And, given the fact they want to start a family soon, and, knowing the horrible education system in the United States without a doubt this is the best move they can possibly make.  And, now Gary and I have an excuse to visit Australia far more frequently.  The only thing I am dreading is the incredibly long, tedious flights.

And, so I’ve been flight shopping today hoping by hope that somehow, some brilliant engineering genius found a way to cut down the travel time, but, sorry to say… No… Still no hope for a non-stop flight from New York to Sydney.  So it looks like we’ll do the Los Angeles thing for a day or two, and, get a non-stop from there.  Not that it’s a walk in the park from LA to Sydney.  Far from it — roughly 15 hours.  The only half way good news is that the flights leave late at night, so, hopefully with the aid of a sleeping pill, it will at least be tolerable.

One thing for sure — I need to see and play with koalas and roos during our visit down under.  Oh I’m sure an Aussie or two are rolling their eyes at that comment, but, for someone like it me, they’re very much a novelty!  And, I can’t just wait to go say G’day!


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

3 Dec

It’s a rainy and unusually slow day at work for me in New York so I decided to blow the dust off my blog here and actually make an entry.  The funny thing is the thing that led me to this entry is something I blogged about last January.  It’s basically about how self centered people are on social media, and, how sofasomeone I once thought was great and even admired lost much of her appeal after reading her Facebook page and her blog droning on and on about “her”.  And, admittedly, yes, Facebook and blogs are a place to share your thoughts and happenings with your friends and online friends.  The thing about this person is that she was kind of in the limelight for a brief spell, and, she continues to harp on the subjects of the past – old boyfriends, ex husband, things that happened 20 years ago or even longer ago.  She rarely mentions what’s happening now (other than to promote her business, which, frankly, is pretty crappy, but, she’s managing to make a living at it, so more power to her.)

Anyhow, as I said, today has been usually slow so I did resort to going through Facebook, and, just for the heck of it, I went to this person’s page.  Almost a year later and nothing has changed.  It’s all about her, and, the point I’m trying to make here is I’m kicking myself for ever thinking this person was worth being friends with and that I thought she had some really cool things going on in her life.  At one time it was true, but, not now.  And, it just makes me so grateful that I’m not going down that same path.

The one thing Gary (my lovable husband) does is keep me focused on the here and now, and, the future.  He always tells me we can’t change the past, and, there is no point in dwelling on what we can’t change.  And, he’s right.  After all this past year we bought a summer/weekend house in the Hamptons, we’re taking two W991569-3ONDERFUL vacations this year. (Meaning 2015) – we’re going back to Paris to finish a vacation that was interrupted, and, then we’re heading to Germany for an entire month.  So lots of things to look forward to including Christmas which I can’t believe is almost here.

I mean, honestly, where did this year go?  It’s December 3rd!  And, we were going to go to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting tonight, but, there weather doesn’t seem to be clearing up as the weatherman was saying, so, we’re going with Plan B, and, having friends over to our place to watch the lighting, and, we’re making a small party of out it.  And, that’s one thing that this person I’m referring to never does – she never discusses what’s happening now or how she turned something that was a bit of a downer into something more positive, and, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m growing up, and, you know what?  I like it! 😀  And, I am so happy just to be me, and, have a life worth writing about in the moment instead of harping on things from my past.

Paris: part duex

4 Mar

So as this long, hard Winter begins to wind down, Gary and I have been talking about taking a vacation since our trip in the Fall was cut short due to the death of a dear friend’s mother.  And, we both said we should go back to Paris.  We were having a fabulous time until we received the awful news.  So, that’s the plan — we just have to figure out when.  Europe has been hit with their fair share of bad weather this Winter so we want wait a bit, but, want to avoid true tourist season, and, we’re thinking the end of April or extremely early May.  After all doesn’t the song go ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫ I love Paris in the Spring time ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪ 😀









And… drum roll please… We (Gary and I) have received an invitation to attend Royal Ascot, and, I couldn’t be more excited about going!!  This is something I always wanted to do because I LOVE hats.  So, this is like letting me loose in a candy store, but, several of my good friends like T.R. “Tina” Threston and Wellington Harris will also be going and we have a private section with drinks and food service provided by our host Sir Dennis 😀

One of my quests while in London is getting to Lock (it’s a hat shop, well, I take that back.  It’s THE hat shop in all of London) and I absolutely adore their hats.  They are truly pieces of art!  Check this one out — it’s called Jive.

Jive by Lock Hat Company in London

Jive by Lock Hat Company in London















So that is the latest news from my end.  I haven’t blogged much since the holidays because they only to write about was the snow, and, I’m tired of it.  Time for Spring, and, nothing says Spring and Summer better than Paris and Royal Ascot.  Don’t you agree? 😀


Paris: We’re Booked!

18 Sep

If you are a regular reader/follower of my blog, you know that my last entry was about how my husband Gary and I have turned into workaholics, and, decided that a vacation was absolutely necessary.  Well, after consulting with travel publisher and writer T.R. “Tina” Threston — we have our trip planned and booked!  Tina came up with an AMAZING itinerary for us.  I just can’t wait to go – we leave in a few weeks!

Paris-at-Nights I’m running around with the biggest smile on my face you can imagine.  Shopping, champagne, fine dining, romantic evenings, historical sites and places to see — it is just what the doctor ordered for both of us.  We’re going for two weeks, and, it can’t get here soon enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I love New York and my friends and work, but, sometimes you just need a break — even when you are workaholics like Gary and me.  The only “annoying” thing, and, it really isn’t annoying is that I keep hearing “City of Blinding Lights” in my head.  I suppose I associate it with Paris because of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” and it is the background music for when “Andy” and “Miranda” arrive in Paris.

And, yes, we’re going to a lot of the usual tourist stuff, but, also some off the beaten path things as well.  And, keep in mind we’re not backpacking or going low budget here, this is pretty high end traveling we’re doing.  (So, unless you have the budget please don’t ask me for prices or if you can afford it.  I don’t know you or your circumstances, so, it is impossible for me to know if you can afford to do the same things Gary and I are going to be doing.)


One thing I know for sure — the minute we have dropped our bags at the hotel we’ll be heading to Café de Flore for omelets and champagne.  It doesn’t get any more Parisian than that — ok yes I know it is touristy but it is also fun.  I also want to eat at Au Bon Accueil one night.  It’s near the Eiffel Tower and there is nothing better than taking a walk along the Seine after a dinner at Au Bon Accueil!  Two weeks before we leave…

I just can’t wait!! 🙂


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