Look out the window -it’s Fall

19 Oct

pumpkinWhat is it about Fall that makes me want to make stews, beef Stroganoff and other cold weather comfort foods?  I’ve been thinking about apple pie for weeks now!   Alas, no cooking for me today.  Gary and I are off very shortly to go hiking upstate (New York.)   I compromised since within a few weeks we’ll be heading upstate for an entirely different reason — shopping at Woodbury Commons!!

However, a hike followed by stopping at a local stand for apples and pumpkin picking do sound great today.   I know we’re in the last of the warmer weather, and, the winter cold will be howling down the canyons of Manhattan all too shortly.  So I want to make the most of it, even though the wind is kicking up pretty fierce today.  It just makes all that much better when you come home to a toasty apartment, and, feel safe and snug.

Off we go 🙂


The lying, cheating jerk part 2

15 Oct

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Hmmmm.  I seem to be bad at keeping up with my blog lately.   Shame on me!  And, while I admit the mood to write in my blog only seems to hit when it is raining out, I need to be just a bit more consistent with my posts.  And, as I signed in today, I checked my stats, as I always do when I sign on, and, without failure one post above all others continues to get hit after hit.  It’s my post: the lying, cheat jerk: https://thenerdymodel.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/the-lying-cheating-jerk/

I don’t know about you, but, I find this fact rather depressing.  That means there has to be an awful lot of iinfidelity going on in the world. 

As for my friend in the original post, she has since moved on from that creep, and, I do mean creep, and, has a wonderful career blossoming, more dates than she can accept, and, pretty much living a dream life.  As for the sorry piece of dirty she was so desperate to shake off, he’s still doing the same things…  Eating bad (with a serious heart problem and diabetes), sucking the rest of us dry by being on disability, and, apparently still thinking he’s a kid because all his photos are of theme parks and choo choo trains.  EESSSHHH.  This guy is now over 50.

And, yes ladies this cartoon is a close facsimile of “Fred”and I know you’re all DYING to get his contact information, but, I’m sorry, I will not allow another living sole be  stuck with this horrible, I mean, wonderful man.  Which leads back to the question.  How do these guys find us?  And more importantly don’t they own a mirror and have a conscious?  There is a solid reason that guys like this don’t get girls like me friend, and, all it takes is one good reality check.  The problem is… They never do!

Snark Attack!!

14 Aug

snark-warningMost of the time I haven’t minded being somewhat known.  I’ve been lucky enough to have had a modeling career that gets me noticed every once in a while and gave me steady work without compromising my privacy or personal life that models in the true spotlight have to endure.  And, every once in a while I’ll get an email from a girl asking how to get into modeling or about fashion which I’m always happy to answer.

Then every once in a while, like yesterday, I’ll get a really snarky email either putting down the modeling work I have done or simply telling me they don’t like my fashion column or writing and that I know nothing about fashion or just some a**wipe with a serious mental problem that can’t let things from the past go as was the case yesterday.

It seems an old acquaintance of mine has been cyber stalking me for a while now, and, I received an email of berating me telling me that I wasn’t a true friend and that I let all of this go to my head, and, that I really think I’m hot stuff.

Interesting take on things.  Let me refresh your memory old acquaintance.  YOU more or less accused me of lying when I told everyone at home that I was offered a modeling job.  YOU and your family including YOUR KIDS made snide remarks to my face and behind my back about being disillusion  and that I should “get a job”.   Any of this sound familiar yet old acquaintance?

YOU always touted yourself as smarter than me, yet, I’m the one that actually finished college.  YOU always thought you were going to be famous and in the spotlight.  It was always the furthest thing from my mind.  YOU always thought your family was “better” than my family.  Whatever.  YOU always said that you wanted to move to New York City.  Again, it was the furthest thing on my mind.

And YOU old acquaintance ignored the emails I sent trying to keep our friendship alive.  So, why now, years later, are you wasting your time on me?  Obliviously YOU and YOUR life are so superior to me that you shouldn’t waste your time seeing what I am doing.  So old acquaintance I will simply say thanks for stopping by but, I have no room for a super star such as yourself in my humble, nothing life.  And, don’t let the door hit you on the rump on the way out!!



29 Jul

I’m not sure how many people are aware that smells can trigger memories, but, that is exactly what happened to me today.  I am not a smoker, in fact, no one in my family smokes except for my late Uncle Rick.  Anyhow, I was walking to work this morning and someone smoking a cigar passed by me.  And, that triggered the memory of my Uncle Rick.

new-classic-box_cigars_webI couldn’t tell you what brand the cigar was but I did know it smelled like the brand Uncle Rick always had, and, it wasn’t a bad memory, in fact, just the opposite.  Smelling that cigar got me thinking about the holidays and being at my Grandmother’s house helping her get Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve dinner ready.  The women in the kitchen, the men in the family room (usually with a football game blasting.)  And strangely enough that cigar smell gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of family and belonging.  Kind of nice when you’re living in a city like New York where people do not look you in the eye or apologize when they crash into you.

And even though I have no plans to start smoking cigars anytime soon, I am forever grateful that whoever passed me on the sidewalk today triggered that memory.  The only negative thing is…. I want to go home and cook a turkey dinner or make a pumpkin pie, and, given that’s it is July, and, putting the oven on heats up the entire apartment, I’ll have to find another outlet for myself.  Maybe I’ll even go out and buy a cigar and smoke it 😀

Nah! But, maybe Gary will!! 😀

6 May

I’m under the weather today with a bad cold. big_sneeze-3584

Almost Easter

15 Apr

When I was little I could never understand how people could say things like “the year is just flying by” but now that I’m an adult, I really do understand what is meant and have even pondered why time moves faster as an adult.  It’s by far a too vast concept for my pea-brain and I’m sure if you’re reading my blog (and by the way thank you for doing so) you probably want something more interesting to read than my thoughts on the space time continuum 😀  So let’s hop to it and get to my usual mindless blogging!

(Yes that pun was intentional if you happened to catch it.)

Easter is rapidly approaching and after much debate and getting work schedules coordinated.  Gary and I plan to return to Paris the last week of May.  We’re just debating if we want to include Labor Day as part of the vacation or as an extra day to get over jet lag.  As you may recall my last blog entry was on this very topic.

I am very excited and cannot wait!  There was so much we didn’t get to see and do the last time since we were abruptly called home, and, what better time than Spring to visit.  I’ll blog more later this week…  Our Chinese food is here and I’m starving!  More to come, I promise!

Paris: part duex

4 Mar

So as this long, hard Winter begins to wind down, Gary and I have been talking about taking a vacation since our trip in the Fall was cut short due to the death of a dear friend’s mother.  And, we both said we should go back to Paris.  We were having a fabulous time until we received the awful news.  So, that’s the plan — we just have to figure out when.  Europe has been hit with their fair share of bad weather this Winter so we want wait a bit, but, want to avoid true tourist season, and, we’re thinking the end of April or extremely early May.  After all doesn’t the song go ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫ I love Paris in the Spring time ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♫♪ 😀









And… drum roll please… We (Gary and I) have received an invitation to attend Royal Ascot, and, I couldn’t be more excited about going!!  This is something I always wanted to do because I LOVE hats.  So, this is like letting me loose in a candy store, but, several of my good friends like T.R. “Tina” Threston and Wellington Harris will also be going and we have a private section with drinks and food service provided by our host Sir Dennis 😀

One of my quests while in London is getting to Lock (it’s a hat shop, well, I take that back.  It’s THE hat shop in all of London) and I absolutely adore their hats.  They are truly pieces of art!  Check this one out — it’s called Jive.

Jive by Lock Hat Company in London

Jive by Lock Hat Company in London















So that is the latest news from my end.  I haven’t blogged much since the holidays because they only to write about was the snow, and, I’m tired of it.  Time for Spring, and, nothing says Spring and Summer better than Paris and Royal Ascot.  Don’t you agree? 😀


You ain’t got no class

3 Jan

Being “trapped” last night and probably this morning due to the major snow event last night (Jan 2 2014) in NYC, I spent a good part of the evening catching up on Facebook posts and other social media.   And, it only led me to believe that my last blog post on December 17th was absolutely correct – the more self-centered people are on social media, the less interesting they become and in fact shows utter lack of class on their part.

Clipart credit: fbadventures.wordpress.com

Clipart credit: fbadventures.wordpress.com

I’m not dumb enough to slander anyone by naming names, but, there are a few people out there who simply don’t understand that posting certain information or photos just isn’t right.  By posting a photo giving the finger or calling someone names or to continually write about how fabulous you are is a total turn-off and this applies to both men and women.  And, frankly, I “unfriended” and stopped “following” at least a dozen people on Facebook last night.  A few remain on the borderline and we’ll see how it goes.  In all instances the people I dropped were not friends, not even Facebook friends — in the sense that they never commented or tried to contact me or in any way offer any type of interest in what was going on other than in their own very small worlds and minds.

Granted this is no loss.  Certainly not to me, but, I find it amazing how people friend and follow people of this nature.  Perhaps they “ain’t got no class” themselves and perhaps this does classify me as a snob, but, I’d much rather be a snob with manners, who knows their place, and, who can discuss things and issues other than myself than to be a self-centered, small minded… Idiot.  Sorry that’s harsh but it is the only word that fits.  And, I realize that my writing this blog entry may cause a backlash again me, but, the difference is I know that it is a real possibility and the other difference is that I realize you are entitled to your own opinion (just as I am entitled to mine.)  The people I am referring to in this entry will think their opinions are the only right opinions and will never see or understand the difference I am trying to get across or why I dropped them as Facebook “friends”.

Observation: Maybe it IS you

17 Dec

Having been in the public eye for a while now, and, having had the experience of being a model, now being a business woman and a writer — I’ve been studying (rather unintentionally) humans and what draws people to some and not to others, and, why some people have staying power and others are merely a flash in the pan.  The answer seems to be rather simple — the more self-involved you are — the less interesting you are to those around you.

Maybe it IS you

Maybe it IS you

Think about it.  How many times a day do you go on Twitter or Facebook or other social media to let everyone know what “you” are doing.  “I went to the grocery store” or “I can’t stand the guy in the next cubical at work” or “Why isn’t anyone paying attention to me” or “My kids are wonderful” or “My husband is working late.”  Sound familiar?

Case in point.  Two people I know. Well known.  In the public eye.  One only writes about what she is doing.  What is going on in her life. Posts photos of herself.  And it’s all about her.

The other person is more rounded.  She talks about what is happening in her life but she also tells about other things happening around her.  It isn’t all about her.

The moral of the story?  The person who is less self centered, who doesn’t just post her own photos and what is happening with her, and, shares her concerns of people and things around her and how they are affecting us is by far the more interesting read.

The proof?  The person who is self centered has a small following and it is dwindling.  The other has a large following and more people follow her every day.

Just a thought for the day!  And, no I am not writing about myself! 😀


Surviving The Holidays

6 Dec

Somehow, and, I’m still scratching my head, I pulled off Thanksgiving.  My parents were happy.  Gary’s parents were happy.  Brothers, sisters, extended family and friends were all happy.  Go figure!  I thought my hosting Thanksgiving this year would turn into one of those stories of family legend.  I already had it playing out in my mind… “Remember the Thanksgiving when Rose almost burnt the house down” or “Remember the Thanksgiving Rose gave us all food poisoning!”  LOL  It’s amazing how we build things up in our minds and imagine the worst outcomes possible… To say I am happy and relieved is the understatement of the day!!  Fortunately, next year rotates back to my Mom so I’m off the hook for another 3 years 😀

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by bergheimfollies.blogspot.com

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by bergheimfollies.blogspot.com

And, now… The real work of the holidays begin.  We already have the tree up.  That’s one thing down and off the check list.  BUT….  I really haven’t started my serious Christmas shopping yet.  And, I am dreading it.  It’s funny how we (as a society) always joke about the holidays and shopping, but, there is more than a grain of truth to it all.  People pushing and shoving — even taking items right out from underneath you;  standing in long, long, long lines and it seems like EVERY single person ahead of you has some issue that takes 30 minutes to resolve.  It’s NOT fun.

So in just a short while, Gary and I will put on our brave faces, head out into the nippy winter air, and, fight the crowds that are everywhere this time of year in New York City, and, go Christmas shopping… Wish me luck!!

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