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I think I have dipsy-doodle-itis

15 Aug

I think I have dipsy-doodle-itis.  Well, ok maybe I don’t really want to go to Frantic City, but, it just sounds like a good way to describe how I feel today…. Kind of tired and not at all energetic.  And, wouldn’t be cool — just once — to call in sick and tell the boss that you have “dipsy-doodle-itis”.

I have to admit I do love to make people laugh, and, I was so happy when some of my friends “got it” on Facebook when I said that I thought I had dipsy-doodle-itis.  And, yes, it is real…  Well, kinda, sorta…

You see, “dipsy-doodle-itis” is a made-up disease from The Flintstones.   (I’ll pause as you call me an empty minded blonde…  Really, I’m expecting it — except from those who really know me and know my sense of humor.)

The term was used in an episode called “THE BUFFALO CONVENTION” and the story was that every member of the Water Buffalo Lodge suddenly comes down with “dipsy-doodle-itis,” which can only be cured by three days away from their wives at Frantic City–but Wilma’s Doozey dodo bird knows the truth and could spoil everything.

Anyhow — that’s my attempt at trying to make you laugh.  Hopefully I did….

The Flintstones

The Flintstones

In reality, I’ve been running my tail off visiting various design houses to be fitted for Fashion Week.  Yep, it’s that time of year already, Fashion Week will be upon us very shortly, and, I’m working with several designers this year, not just one like I did last Fall or two this past Winter.  Guess I’m moving up in the world.

And, today has been hectic, and, I just wished I could have called in to say that I wouldn’t be available today because I had “dipsy-doodle-itis”.

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