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This is far more than a cold…

28 Sep

I have no idea what has hit Gary and me, but, this is far more than a cold!!  We’re both running fevers, sneezing non-stop, and, of course, experiencing all the rotten symptoms that are always associated with colds and flu.  I think the chills are the worst part.  We’re both in bed, under the cover, and, we actually have the heat on, and, we’re both still freezing!!!


I really shouldn’t be shocked that we’re both this sick.  I’ve been trying to assist my friends who got hit with this bug since last week, and, all of them went through the same thing.  Bad chills, non-stop sneezing, and, the works.  And, each of them had the same report back from their respective doctors “it’s too early to be the flu.”


Well, I hate to disagree with modern medicine but… This IS a flu.  If not, it is some type of virus because this is certainly more than a cold.  If it is “only a cold” then by far, it is the worst one I’ve ever had in my life without exaggeration. 

So as I sneeze and cough, and, shiver uncontrollably my advice to you is to run not walk when you see someone who is obliviously sick with a cold or flu.  Whatever this bug is likes to linger and it has no mercy on it’s prey.  It hits hard and it hits fast.  And, it’s one of those times when you’ll never forget how sick you were with it.

One last word of caution:  This is HIGHLY contagious. Proceed at your own caution!!!


We’re BOTH getting colds

27 Sep

Well, it started out to be a good day… Make that a GREAT day, but, as the day progressed I began not to feel so well.  My throat began to feel scratchy, then I got a headache, and, now I can’t stop sneezing.

Unfortunately, all my friends are sick and I’ve been running food and cold supplies to them, and, I think I am now catching it.  Strangely, when I got home, I found Gary on the sofa — unless he is sick he never just crashes there – and sure enough he’s not feeling well either.

So, now we’re both sneezing our heads off knowing the worst is yet to come.  And, instead of staying home and taking care, my hero husband went out to get us cold supplies and food knowing that tomorrow is going to be hell for us both.

Our friends have described this cold as more of a flu.  It hits hard and fast, and, it isn’t quick to leave.  Oh joy…. And, let me be perfectly clear, I do NOT blame my friends for this cold.  It happens.

I’d write more but I feel another sneezing fit coming on, and, I’m simply not up to writing any further.  I’m sure I”ll be writing again tomorrow, something tells me I’m going to be in store for a long, long, long weekend…

Gary is back. He just sneezed his way in the door…

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