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Fall 2015 in NYC: What’s not to love

23 Oct

Well, yes, I’ve been a bad girl.  I haven’t kept up my New Year’s resolution to be more faithful about posting in my blog.  Shame on me, but, I do have a busy life, and, it can be hard to find the time and energy to post.  Regardless, I am going to make more of an effort.  I know I say that every single time, but, I do mean it.  I just have to execute it!

As Meg Ryan says in “You’ve Got Mail” don’t you love Fall?  Actually the exact quote is “Don’t you love New York in the Fall?”  Gary and I have so much going on from what promises to be a fantastic Halloween party at our friend Amanda Cumming‘s place to getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and, New Year’s Eve.  Oh sure, some cynic out there will say the leaves in Central Park haven’t changed yet, and, the weather’s been too warm, but, it doesn’t change what time of year it is and that’s the part to focus on.  I mean, sure, I’d love to see more explosive Fall colors in the trees and foliage, but, and, admittedly, it is a bit bizarre to see people ice skating at Rockefeller Center with short sleeve shirts but, it is such a busy and fun time of year, I don’t know why I used to hate it so much.


Maybe things will start feeling more like Fall next weekend.  After all, what’s Halloween without the crunch, crunch, crunch of leaves as you walk on the sidewalk?  And, with the opening of the Bryant Park Holiday Village next Friday (October 30th) and the New York Marathon on Sunday, November 1st.  Maybe the weather will catch up with the calendar and things will start to feel more like true Fall.



29 Jul

I’m not sure how many people are aware that smells can trigger memories, but, that is exactly what happened to me today.  I am not a smoker, in fact, no one in my family smokes except for my late Uncle Rick.  Anyhow, I was walking to work this morning and someone smoking a cigar passed by me.  And, that triggered the memory of my Uncle Rick.

new-classic-box_cigars_webI couldn’t tell you what brand the cigar was but I did know it smelled like the brand Uncle Rick always had, and, it wasn’t a bad memory, in fact, just the opposite.  Smelling that cigar got me thinking about the holidays and being at my Grandmother’s house helping her get Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve dinner ready.  The women in the kitchen, the men in the family room (usually with a football game blasting.)  And strangely enough that cigar smell gave me a warm fuzzy feeling of family and belonging.  Kind of nice when you’re living in a city like New York where people do not look you in the eye or apologize when they crash into you.

And even though I have no plans to start smoking cigars anytime soon, I am forever grateful that whoever passed me on the sidewalk today triggered that memory.  The only negative thing is…. I want to go home and cook a turkey dinner or make a pumpkin pie, and, given that’s it is July, and, putting the oven on heats up the entire apartment, I’ll have to find another outlet for myself.  Maybe I’ll even go out and buy a cigar and smoke it 😀

Nah! But, maybe Gary will!! 😀

Surviving The Holidays

6 Dec

Somehow, and, I’m still scratching my head, I pulled off Thanksgiving.  My parents were happy.  Gary’s parents were happy.  Brothers, sisters, extended family and friends were all happy.  Go figure!  I thought my hosting Thanksgiving this year would turn into one of those stories of family legend.  I already had it playing out in my mind… “Remember the Thanksgiving when Rose almost burnt the house down” or “Remember the Thanksgiving Rose gave us all food poisoning!”  LOL  It’s amazing how we build things up in our minds and imagine the worst outcomes possible… To say I am happy and relieved is the understatement of the day!!  Fortunately, next year rotates back to my Mom so I’m off the hook for another 3 years 😀

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by bergheimfollies.blogspot.com

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by bergheimfollies.blogspot.com

And, now… The real work of the holidays begin.  We already have the tree up.  That’s one thing down and off the check list.  BUT….  I really haven’t started my serious Christmas shopping yet.  And, I am dreading it.  It’s funny how we (as a society) always joke about the holidays and shopping, but, there is more than a grain of truth to it all.  People pushing and shoving — even taking items right out from underneath you;  standing in long, long, long lines and it seems like EVERY single person ahead of you has some issue that takes 30 minutes to resolve.  It’s NOT fun.

So in just a short while, Gary and I will put on our brave faces, head out into the nippy winter air, and, fight the crowds that are everywhere this time of year in New York City, and, go Christmas shopping… Wish me luck!!

Back in NYC

28 Nov

Rockefeller Center


It’s amazing how fast a week can go!  I’m back in NYC after spending a wonderful week with my family and old friends.  Not that my new friends in NYC aren’t special, but, I get to see them pretty much when ever I wish.

Unfortunately, I was surrounded by people with colds all week, and, then on my flight home yesterday, I was stuck next to someone with a horrible cold.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I don’t get sick because I REALLY want to go to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting on Tuesday!  And, of course, due to my luck – there is forecast for rain on Tuesday.   GGGRRRRR!!!

Anyhow, I have some announcements to make in the coming weeks – ranging from how I’ve connected to Bruce Springsteen (yes THAT Bruce Springsteen) to my trip to London in April to my upcoming holiday cruise with my family.  And, so my new found barely celebrity life is beginning to take off.

The funny thing is that my entire family and all my friends were so worried that I had changed during my several months of living in NYC.  I think they were all happy to see that I’m still the same silly goofball I’ve always been.

As for the romance department, I couldn’t be happier.  My boyfriend is the one nearly every girl dreams about having come into her life.  He’s kind, he is sincere, he is loyal, he is a romantic to the core, and, we share many of the same interests, ideas, backgrounds and hopes for the future.  We’re truly a good match for each other.

And, yes, sorry guys – we have begun to talk about getting married.  We both agree it’s way too soon to get serious about it, but, ultimately that is the goal for both of us.  However, a wedding will not be taking place until 2012 at the earliest!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, so, if I am repeating myself, forgive me… I’m now writing a column for Examiner.com, I am the Manhattan Fashion Examiner, and, while the pay is terrible, I’m really enjoying writing and getting those skills back up to snuff.  I’d like to write my memoirs one day or maybe even get a writing job after I’m done with modeling, but, I digress – I’d appreciate followers so please feel free to subscribe to my column:  http://www.examiner.com/fashion-in-new-york/rose-goodhall

So that’s all from this end of the planet.  I hope your Thanksgiving was equally as nice or better than mine.  And, as always, I am thankful that you took a few moments of your time to read my blog.  I appreciate it – thank you!

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