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Observation: Maybe it IS you

17 Dec

Having been in the public eye for a while now, and, having had the experience of being a model, now being a business woman and a writer — I’ve been studying (rather unintentionally) humans and what draws people to some and not to others, and, why some people have staying power and others are merely a flash in the pan.  The answer seems to be rather simple — the more self-involved you are — the less interesting you are to those around you.

Maybe it IS you

Maybe it IS you

Think about it.  How many times a day do you go on Twitter or Facebook or other social media to let everyone know what “you” are doing.  “I went to the grocery store” or “I can’t stand the guy in the next cubical at work” or “Why isn’t anyone paying attention to me” or “My kids are wonderful” or “My husband is working late.”  Sound familiar?

Case in point.  Two people I know. Well known.  In the public eye.  One only writes about what she is doing.  What is going on in her life. Posts photos of herself.  And it’s all about her.

The other person is more rounded.  She talks about what is happening in her life but she also tells about other things happening around her.  It isn’t all about her.

The moral of the story?  The person who is less self centered, who doesn’t just post her own photos and what is happening with her, and, shares her concerns of people and things around her and how they are affecting us is by far the more interesting read.

The proof?  The person who is self centered has a small following and it is dwindling.  The other has a large following and more people follow her every day.

Just a thought for the day!  And, no I am not writing about myself! 😀


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