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Another week just about gone…

24 Mar
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I swear I’ve been so busy lately that the days and weeks are just blurring into one.  This is a good thing, because, in a few short weeks, I’m heading to Australia for my friend Elena’s wedding.  (The wedding is in May.)

I don’t have anything fun or interesting to really write about this week.  It’s been one of those “keeping the nose to the grindstone” weeks, and, unfortunately that makes for a dull blog entry.  I AM excited about my parents coming to NYC next weekend 🙂  They’re going to meet Gary’s parents for the first time, and, we’re all going to discuss wedding plans, and, just have some fun together.

Oh well, I guess, I DO have something to tell you…  If you’ve been following along, we have decided to book The Plaza Hotel for our wedding.  A few weeks ago I put up a poll on my Facebook page asking for friends, family, and, fans for their input, and, hands down the majority of people voted for The Plaza.  So that’s now a done deal.   If you’ve never seen The Plaza Hotel or haven’t seen it since it’s renovations, you can see photos on my Facebook page at:

And, yes, of course I’m excited!  But, the wedding is such a small part of the overall picture — if Gary I went to City Hall to be married, I’d be just as excited.  I’m just so happy when I am with Gary, we have so much in common, and, we’re always laughing, and, most importantly he makes me feel like the most special person in the world.  I can’t wait to be his wife, and, in a few years, start a family together.

Speaking of weddings, I will be in London during Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding.  And, no, I wasn’t one of the lucky people invited, but, regardless, I do wish them luck and happiness together (even though I’ve never met either one of them.)  So, with all of this going on, I guess you can understand why I don’t have much to write about for this entry.  Then again, it is rather amazing how much I managed to ramble on about nothing so far 🙂

Well, I see the clock is ticking away, and, Gary and I are meeting Elena and Paul for dinner and a movie tonight.  So with that I will wish you all a pleasant weekend, and, I’ll check in with you again next week!



Me, Justin Timberlake and The Plaza Hotel

4 Mar
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Well, I started out to write about our upcoming wedding  (which I will get to momentarily), but, when I signed on, I saw that I had an unusually large amount of hits today — so I checked my status and the sending link is: http://www.cinabeng.co.cc/justin-timberlake-car-accident-today

Ummm — what does our wedding or I (for that matter) have to do with Justin Timberlake?  After a quick search I didn’t see anything about him being in a car accident…  So, I don’t know who you are or how you got this blog address, I appreciate the hits, but, I’d prefer if I weren’t tied into this type of non-existent hype.  Thanks!

Now moving on the “real” news of the day…  I placed a poll on my Facebook pages, and, asked everyone (who is interested) to vote on where Gary and I should hold our wedding reception.  Hands down, The Plaza Hotel in NYC is pulling ahead fast.  True — so far only 53 people have voted, but, it was still an overwhelming landslide in favor of The Plaza.

And, the more I think about it, the more I’m getting into the idea.  So, I made arrangements for Gary and I to meet the wedding coordinator at The Plaza — along with our wedding planner, and, we’ll see if the date we want is open for next week.

There is just “something” – oh I don’t know – let’s call it nostalgic – about The Plaza Hotel, but, I find it rather romantic.  Perhaps because so many great movies where filmed there or just the history of the building, but, it does seem “right”.

I’ll keep you posted and hopefully have some photos to share with you all next week so you can see the rooms too 🙂   Have a great weekend everyone!

Yet another wedding update

24 Feb

We have decided on a NYC wedding

Well, after several conference calls with family and friends – worldwide…  We have finally decided on “where”, however, this needs to be clarified a bit…

Since we literally have people traveling to our wedding from all parts of the globe we have decided that New York City makes the most sense.  Not to mention the fact that many of my friends from Chicago have never been to NYC and they were pushing, begging, and, even in one case bribing (*grin*) to have the wedding in Manhattan.  So, that takes care of PART of the problem.

Manhattan it is!

Now we just have to select a date and location within Manhattan, and, this is no easy task.  However, this is a problem I’ll gladly take on.

More updates to come so stay tuned!

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