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Sunday in the City

28 Jul

Yes, I know I have been a bad girl and that I haven’t blogged in ages, and, I am taking advantage of the first Sunday in months that didn’t have me or Gary committed to doing something, and, I’m spending the day just doing things I’ve neglected.  For example, this morning, I want through my closet and purged it of items that I no longer use, have never used, or have simply done it’s job.   And, don’t worry, I don’t sell my old clothing on Ebay — I give it to charity and hopefully some one out there can benefit from it.

And, now I am catching up on correspondence.  Emails, my blog, and, I have to come up with a few fresh ideas for my Examiner.com column.  I hadn’t realized I have fallen into a deep slump of writing about Project Runway and nothing else. Shame on me!

I’m also using today to do some shopping online.  Yes, I realize this sounds comical to many since I live in the shopping capital of the world or at least the United States (NYC) but even in NYC you don’t always find what you are seeking.   And tradiocityhe last thing I’m doing with my free time today is lining up theater and other events that Gary and I enjoy doing together for the Fall, and, that includes ordering tickets for Radio City for the Christmas show for Thanksgiving weekend.  My family is coming here from Chicago so it will make Thanksgiving weekend that much more special.


So that’s a glimpse of my “super exciting” life (as a friend from Chicago once said to me about my life in NYC.)  After getting past the glitz and glam it really is just like living anywhere.  You work during the week, do your errands and chores and weekend, and, then on occasion, you get to do something fun or cultural like to go a museum or the theater.

And, yes, I agree.  I wouldn’t trade living here for anything.  Not even my sweet home Chicago.  There is only one NYC and I am thrilled to be part of it!


Overcast, rainy days

4 Oct

I’m sitting here at work and find myself getting sleepy.  True, I am just getting over a bad cold, but, I think it is more so the overcast, rainy day we’re having here in New York City.  I’ve never been a fan of this type of day.  I don’t mind rain, in fact, most days I actually enjoy it, but, what I  don’t like days like today — overcast and drizzle.  I say if you’re going rain — then rain!!

This type of day is like the girl who can’t give an immediate yes to the guy who proposes to her and is crazy about her or the guy in restaurant who changes his order 10 times before he lets the waiter go.  It’s just plain annoying!

I’m not asking for a deluge but make up your mind already!  If you aren’t going to rain then let the sun come out and shine.  If you’re going to rain then rain!  I have cute new umbrella I’d love to use, but, I’m not going to waste it on a day that is so indecisive!

Think I’ll flip on the TV for a bit… Maybe I catch a rerun of “Ugly Betty” or Project Runway 🙂


It’s been a busy summer and fall looks just as busy

24 Sep

I know…

I’ve been a very bad girl and haven’t kept up with my blogging, but, I do have a pretty good excuse, I’ve been very busy!  Let’s see, where do I begin?

Fashion Week 2011

Fashion Week, I guess… If you’ve never been involved in Fashion Week there is no way to describe the absolute chaos that surrounds it — of course, I mean this in a positive way, but, nonetheless, it would make even the calmest person’s head spin!  You have fittings, more fittings, hair styling, and, lots of time waiting around waiting to walk down a runway for a total of roughly 40 seconds.  The upside to Fashion Week madness?  One of the designers (although I am not allowed to tell who — just someone from a major fashion house) allowed me to keep one of the garments that I wore on the runway!  And, I absolutely love this piece!  I know a lot of people assume that the models get to keep the clothing, but, in reality, it is rare, and, that is why this is such a big deal.  Especially since the retail price of this garment is in the $4500 range!

Then add in my regular modeling work, fortunately, it has been based in New York during fashion week, but, it means hours of clothes fittings, makeup, hair, and, lots of time in front of a camera getting that “perfect” shot.

The Plaza Hotel -- the location of our wedding reception

Now let’s add in my own wedding which has been tons of little headaches… One of my bridesmaid dresses was ordered in the wrong size, and, it had to be reordered.  We have a few out of town guests who would like “cheaper” accommodations, but, don’t want to stay outside of Manhattan!  Fortunately, I am working with a wonderful, extremely patient and professional travel agent who is helping me out, but, the guidelines set have made it more than challenging to find a hotel for these specific guests!  Now I know why my BFF in NYC, Elena, had such a small wedding in Australia!

Speaking of Elena, I’d like to give some shout outs…

Shout Outs

Congratulations to Elena and Paul who are now officially married in the eyes of the United States!

Congratulations to Jacqueline Collen Tarrolly on officially opening her new business (Toadstool Farm Vintage) – complete with ribbon cutting ceremony!  Very cool!

Congratulations to Tina for getting her copyright for her new book “Tharston Manor“.  I can’t wait to read it!

And, then getting back to my schedule and life… Well, then there is the matter of Gary, I make it a point to spend as much time with him as possible each day, and, we have “date” night at least once a week.

Matter of fact, we went to see “Moneyball” last night, and, I absolutely LOVED it.  I mean, I’m a baseball fan, but, I certainly don’t live for the sport, but, this is such a feel good movie, everyone — regardless if you like baseball or not — should go see it.

And, Gary’s Aunt and Uncle are coming in today for the week from California, and, we’re going to see “Anything Goes” tonight on Broadway.  I’m looking forward to it!

So that’s why I’ve been up to in a nutshell, and, that is why I’ve been such a bad girl about not blogging for so long.

Oh and one last thing — for future fashion designers….  Please be sure to follow my column on Examiner.com this coming week… I’ll be featuring a scholarship opportunity via Project Runway!

Ok… I think that’s really it this time, I promise I’ll try to blog a bit more regularly, but, if I don’t you can always catch up with me via my Fashion Column: http://www.examiner.com/fashion-in-new-york/rose-goodhall or on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/rosegoodhall

Thanks for reading!

Project Runway Finalists: Mondo, Andy, and….GRETCHEN??

22 Oct

Project Runway Finalists:  Mondo, Andy, and….. GRETCHEN?


Michael Costello, Project Runway
Michael Costello, Project Runway

In case you missed Part One of the season finale of Project Runway last night, Michael Costello was the one sent home and who will not be showing a collection at Fashion Week.  I have no problem with the judges selection of Andy and Mondo – both clearly deserve to be going – but, Gretchen?

No way.  Not in my opinion.  Gretchen’s designs are common at best, and, her back-stabbing attitude towards everyone else – especially Michael Costello – has been inexcusable.  Is this the type of person Heidi Klum wants to promote?  Really?   Someone who is snappy, self-absorbed, and, down right mean – not to mention a lack of talent.

I have been a Michael C fan ever since the wicked Gretchen started attacking him, and, tried to get everyone to agree with her.  Michael C may not have the training of the rest, however, one thing he did have was talent.  And, how the judges let Gretchen proceed to Fashion Week with her 1970s retro – been there, done that look – is beyond me.

My loyalty has now shifted to Mondo and Andy, and, I hope if Michael C ever reads this blog he knows that many of us – not just me – have the same feeling that Gretchen took his rightful spot.  I wish Michael C well, and, if he ever needs a model, I’d be more than happy to work with him!

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