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Surviving The Holidays

6 Dec

Somehow, and, I’m still scratching my head, I pulled off Thanksgiving.  My parents were happy.  Gary’s parents were happy.  Brothers, sisters, extended family and friends were all happy.  Go figure!  I thought my hosting Thanksgiving this year would turn into one of those stories of family legend.  I already had it playing out in my mind… “Remember the Thanksgiving when Rose almost burnt the house down” or “Remember the Thanksgiving Rose gave us all food poisoning!”  LOL  It’s amazing how we build things up in our minds and imagine the worst outcomes possible… To say I am happy and relieved is the understatement of the day!!  Fortunately, next year rotates back to my Mom so I’m off the hook for another 3 years 😀

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by bergheimfollies.blogspot.com

Spirit of Season Shopping clipart by bergheimfollies.blogspot.com

And, now… The real work of the holidays begin.  We already have the tree up.  That’s one thing down and off the check list.  BUT….  I really haven’t started my serious Christmas shopping yet.  And, I am dreading it.  It’s funny how we (as a society) always joke about the holidays and shopping, but, there is more than a grain of truth to it all.  People pushing and shoving — even taking items right out from underneath you;  standing in long, long, long lines and it seems like EVERY single person ahead of you has some issue that takes 30 minutes to resolve.  It’s NOT fun.

So in just a short while, Gary and I will put on our brave faces, head out into the nippy winter air, and, fight the crowds that are everywhere this time of year in New York City, and, go Christmas shopping… Wish me luck!!


The “coziness” of November

8 Nov

I don’t know what it is about November, especially this type of day — it’s cold, rainy and overcast in New York City, but, it gives me a very cozy feeling.  I realize this is a selfish statement on so many levels when there are people living on the streets facing these elements, but, it’s just my personal reaction of the month and type of day.  It’s the type of day where I bake cookies, make a good hearty stew for dinner, and, work from home.  And, again, I realize how lucky I am that I have a job that affords me the luxury of being able to work from home as I wish.

On another note the Rockefeller Center tree arrived today.  It’s like it is the unofficial signal that the holidays are almost upon us, and, I am beginning to get into panic mode since I am hosting Thanksgiving this year for both my family and Gary’s family.  Now over all, I don’t consider myself a bad cook, but, I am no gourmet.  I can make hamburgers, some chicken dishes, and, even a halfway decent pasta sauce.  Making a turkey and an entire Thanksgiving dinner has me a bit jittery.  And, unfortunately (or maybe it is fortunately) both my family and Gary’s family will never say that it is bad.  What the telltale will be is how much food is left over.  If there is a lot — I know it was awful.  If there isn’t much or anything at all left over that’s when I know I did the job right!

For now I will simply pour myself a glass of milk and enjoy a cookie or two or three or four 😀  And worry about Thanksgiving tomorrow when we start grocery shopping for everything we need.

Turkey Time: 33 days to go and counting…

20 Oct

It’s a nondescript Sunday afternoon here in New York City.   Gary is working from home for a report due tomorrow, and, I really didn’t feel like doing anything specific.  Sometimes I simply enjoy some “down” time, and, I enjoy catching up on things like blogging.

I’m also a little shocked as I look at my date book.  EEEKKK!!!  November is creeping up really fast, and, both my family and Gary’s family are coming to NYC for Thanksgiving.  So, I guess my next chore — well it really isn’t a “chore” in the truest sense of the word, but, rather I mean get my act together, and, start making a menu and activity plan.

turkeyAirlines and hotels are in place.  Radio City Christmas show tickets are bought.  Menu… Well, obviously turkey (but I do need to order one from the butcher), additionally, I also need to think about sides and a vegan main dish.  (I’m thinking that something with Quinoa will be the way to go.)

I also need to think about decorating.  My family likes the Christmas tree up for Thanksgiving, so, I will be in a mad scramble trying to get ornaments and decorations.  We (meaning Gary and I) lost a lot of our Christmas things last year due to Superstorm Sandy (we had those things in our storage area of our building, and, we had to throw a lot (in fact most everything) away, and, since everyone else was in the same boat the pickings were slim last year.

So why am I sitting writing in my blog instead of getting my butt out the door to Macys?  Good question 🙂  Perhaps I should go see what I can find today.  In fact, I think I will…


Sunday in the City

28 Jul

Yes, I know I have been a bad girl and that I haven’t blogged in ages, and, I am taking advantage of the first Sunday in months that didn’t have me or Gary committed to doing something, and, I’m spending the day just doing things I’ve neglected.  For example, this morning, I want through my closet and purged it of items that I no longer use, have never used, or have simply done it’s job.   And, don’t worry, I don’t sell my old clothing on Ebay — I give it to charity and hopefully some one out there can benefit from it.

And, now I am catching up on correspondence.  Emails, my blog, and, I have to come up with a few fresh ideas for my Examiner.com column.  I hadn’t realized I have fallen into a deep slump of writing about Project Runway and nothing else. Shame on me!

I’m also using today to do some shopping online.  Yes, I realize this sounds comical to many since I live in the shopping capital of the world or at least the United States (NYC) but even in NYC you don’t always find what you are seeking.   And tradiocityhe last thing I’m doing with my free time today is lining up theater and other events that Gary and I enjoy doing together for the Fall, and, that includes ordering tickets for Radio City for the Christmas show for Thanksgiving weekend.  My family is coming here from Chicago so it will make Thanksgiving weekend that much more special.


So that’s a glimpse of my “super exciting” life (as a friend from Chicago once said to me about my life in NYC.)  After getting past the glitz and glam it really is just like living anywhere.  You work during the week, do your errands and chores and weekend, and, then on occasion, you get to do something fun or cultural like to go a museum or the theater.

And, yes, I agree.  I wouldn’t trade living here for anything.  Not even my sweet home Chicago.  There is only one NYC and I am thrilled to be part of it!

Totally unrelated thoughts….

29 Nov

Did you ever have a day when just about everything goes wrong?  Today was one of those days for me… Nothing major went wrong, but, just a bunch of small stuff that added up to one big headache…

I had my parents and brothers visiting over Thanksgiving weekend, and, of course, my Mom accidentally left her glasses “somewhere” at my house.   I’ve been looking since Sunday morning, and, finally this morning I found them… In the freezer.  I’m not going to ask — but, as of right now, they are on their way back to Chicago to their rightful owner.   It doesn’t sound so bad, but, when you realize I spent 1.5 just trying to get the darn things sent out at the post office, you can understand my frustration — especially after you learn that I was sent to the back of the line because I didn’t have the zip code on my return receipt.  (You know the one you get to keep for your records and doesn’t mean anything to anyone else.)  Well the a$$ that waited on me couldn’t hand me a pen to fill it in – nope I was banished to back of the line.   I won’t tell you what I called the guy under my breathe but I would have made any sailor proud!

After that little aggravation, I went on a couple of “go-sees” (which is modeling lingo for going to see people about various jobs for photo shoots or runway jobs.)  One person was 30 minutes late.  One person never showed up at all – without so much as a call to my agency to either cancel or reschedule the casting.

I get home only to find out that my fiancee has to add a few more people to our already complicated seating chart for our wedding in the Spring…

And, then I get the brilliant idea of going on Facebook to escape the world for a while.  That was a mistake… I found one rather rude post from someone with nothing better to do than attack me, so, this person has been banned and removed from my Facebook life.  But, it’s just annoying to think that people “hide” behind a computer and write mean, cruel things they never would have the guts to tell you in person.

To cap off the day, I received a phone call from my travel agent to let me know that the hotel we wanted for our honeymoon is going to be undergoing renovations, and, now we have to decide if we want to put up with renovations at our top choice hotel and location or go with something else.

Granted — there is nothing tragic here.  No one died, no one was hurt or fell ill, and, separately these are all problems that could be easily handled…  However, when you put it all together – – it adds up to one aggravating day.

Well enough of my moaning and groaning…

I do want to put some positive Karma in the air, and, try to end the day on a more positive note.  If you are a horse lover and have the means to spare a few extra dollars, a Facebook friend, Jacqueline Collen Tarrolly, is desperately trying to save her equine family from being torn apart.   If you can help please visit her website and take part in The Great Toadstool Farm Raffle or the Adopt a Toadstool Farm Horse program.

Good luck Jacq!

Back in NYC

28 Nov

Rockefeller Center


It’s amazing how fast a week can go!  I’m back in NYC after spending a wonderful week with my family and old friends.  Not that my new friends in NYC aren’t special, but, I get to see them pretty much when ever I wish.

Unfortunately, I was surrounded by people with colds all week, and, then on my flight home yesterday, I was stuck next to someone with a horrible cold.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I don’t get sick because I REALLY want to go to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting on Tuesday!  And, of course, due to my luck – there is forecast for rain on Tuesday.   GGGRRRRR!!!

Anyhow, I have some announcements to make in the coming weeks – ranging from how I’ve connected to Bruce Springsteen (yes THAT Bruce Springsteen) to my trip to London in April to my upcoming holiday cruise with my family.  And, so my new found barely celebrity life is beginning to take off.

The funny thing is that my entire family and all my friends were so worried that I had changed during my several months of living in NYC.  I think they were all happy to see that I’m still the same silly goofball I’ve always been.

As for the romance department, I couldn’t be happier.  My boyfriend is the one nearly every girl dreams about having come into her life.  He’s kind, he is sincere, he is loyal, he is a romantic to the core, and, we share many of the same interests, ideas, backgrounds and hopes for the future.  We’re truly a good match for each other.

And, yes, sorry guys – we have begun to talk about getting married.  We both agree it’s way too soon to get serious about it, but, ultimately that is the goal for both of us.  However, a wedding will not be taking place until 2012 at the earliest!

I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, so, if I am repeating myself, forgive me… I’m now writing a column for Examiner.com, I am the Manhattan Fashion Examiner, and, while the pay is terrible, I’m really enjoying writing and getting those skills back up to snuff.  I’d like to write my memoirs one day or maybe even get a writing job after I’m done with modeling, but, I digress – I’d appreciate followers so please feel free to subscribe to my column:  http://www.examiner.com/fashion-in-new-york/rose-goodhall

So that’s all from this end of the planet.  I hope your Thanksgiving was equally as nice or better than mine.  And, as always, I am thankful that you took a few moments of your time to read my blog.  I appreciate it – thank you!

Sweet Home Chicago

17 Nov


Sweet home Chicago

I’m heading home to sweet home Chicago this Saturday, and, it’s been a long 11 months away from home.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my parents and brothers, and, I’m also going to be visiting some old friends from school while I am home.

I only wish that had more than a week to spend with them.  But, such is life… We really have enough time for anything these days.  And, I wish somehow I could have waved a magic wand, and, had my boyfriend changes his plans so he could meet my family, but, no such luck.  We’ve only been dating a few months and his Thanksgiving plans, like mine, were cemented before we started dating.  The good news is that he will get to meet my family before we go on our cruise since we’re leaving out of NYC – and I’m really excited about it.

We’re taking everyone out to dinner and then to see “Elf” on Broadway.  We’re also going to take them to see Rockefeller Center and go to Top of the Rock.  I can’t wait!

So if I don’t blog for a while, don’t lose heart – I will be back.  In the meantime, I’d like to wish all my readers and fans a safe and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Starting the holidays off with a kick…

13 Nov

It’s date night, and, I’m ready a bit early so I have time to write a bit.  We’re starting off the holidays a little early and with a kick… Have you figured out where we’re heading tonight?

If you guessed Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular, you’d be right!

Radio City Christmas Show 2010

And this is just one of the many reasons the guy I started dating a few weeks ago is so perfect for me.  Like me, he’s a big kid at heart, and, he doesn’t feel silly or awkward taking me to the show.

We are cramming as much as we can into this weekend, because, I’m heading home to Chicago next weekend, and, unfortunately my boyfriend has commitments to his family in NYC.  Christmas will be another tough holiday to get through – I’m going on a holiday cruise with my family that we had booked for awhile now.  However, I am confident this isn’t going to shake our relationship nor do I believe either of us will lose any interest over this time.

It has been a refreshing change to date a normal guy who is confident in himself, AND, who actually trusts me.  It often boggles my mind why guys ALWAYS seem to think girls are cheating on them.  In my personal experience, it’s been the other way around.

But, I digress… I am looking forward to tonight.  We’re going to dinner after the show, and, I’m looking forward to that as well…  Kind of wish I knew where we’re going – it’s a surprise, but, it makes it hard to know how to dress.  So I’m going with a classic black dress and simple jewelry, no matter where we end up, I should be fine.

I’d also like to send a show out to Tina Smith – Happy Birthday Tina! 🙂  And many more to come!  Looking forward to working with you on the clothing drive in January, 2011.

Have a great Saturday evening everyone!

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